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Four reasons your child should play in a recital | Guitar Uke Banjo

  1. Something to work for
    A student playing in a recital is like a runner trying to break a four minute mile. Both the athlete and the musician have a clear objective. Preparing for a recital is like setting a goal with a completion date. Lessons become more focused. There is a strong incentive for students to practice. They become more self motivated to master the little details that really matter.
  2. It’s interesting
    Students get a chance to see what others are working on. They hear songs they have played in the past and get an idea of what’s to come in the future.  If several music teachers are having a recital together, they get a chance to hear something completely different.
  3. It builds confidence
    Playing in front of an audience isn’t easy. By working past their nervousness, students feel a sense of accomplishment. They develop self-esteem by learning they can do things that are difficult.
  4. Memories
    A spring recital is a yearly ritual. Students can measure their progress from previous years by remembering past performances. It’s an occasion to dress up and take pictures.
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